What are Oklahoma’s contribution limits?

Oklahoma amended its contribution limits in 2014, using the same contribution limits for state candidates and local candidates as apply to federal candidates. For example, an individual can contribute $2,700 per election to a candidate. (See chart below for more information.) This limit applies to state and local candidates.

Can corporations, LLCs and/or labor unions make political contributions in Oklahoma?

Corporations and labor unions are prohibited from making political contributions to candidates, party committees and PACs that make contributions to candidates. Corporations and labor unions may make contributions to PACs that only make independent expenditures (often referred to as super PACs).

Limited liability companies (LLC) and partnerships may make contributions to candidates so long as none of the owners or partners are incorporated. Contributions from LLCs and partnerships are reported as contributions by each member or partner in proportion to their interest in the organization. These contributions are subject to the individual limit.

2015-2016 Contribution Limits

Individual$2,700 per election$10,000 per calendar year$5,000 per calendar year
Party Committee$25,000 for statewide office
$10,000 for any other state office
Transfers between political party committeeProhibited
Limited Committee$5,000 per election$10,000 per calendar year$5,000 per calendar year
Unlimited CommitteeProhibitedProhibitedProhibited
Anonymous Donor$50$50$50
Corporation/Labor UnionProhibitedProhibitedProhibited